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Spring is here! Can CBD Help with Allergies?

Studies show Topicals can help with Itching

Spring is upon us, finally! But April showers also brings Hay fever, rashes and inflammation! Yes, I'm talking about allergies! CBD has some amazing benefits, but can it actually help with allergy relief?

Some studies show that while CBD has help with some relief (for example, the primary Terpene a-pinene helps with some symptoms) it's not a cure all.

First, the benefits of CBD for allergy relief:

If allergies cause you some discomfort, CBD can help with off balance symptoms, as CBD boosts your immune system. Rashes and other form of inflammation can be helped with topicals and CBD Oil. Topicals helps with contact dermatitis, this is what happens when your skin is exposed to certain chemicals and become red and irritated.

The Truth about CBD and allergies:

CBD can't hurt but not as effective as other forms of medicine . There's little evidence that CBD is an effective allergy treatment as traditional forms are more backed by testing and research.

If you decide to use CBD for allergy relief, be sure to look at the COA (Certificate of Analysis) to make sure the CBD products has the proper amount of CBD and THC as well as being tested for contaminants.

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