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CBD 101: CBD Isolate Powder

Pure CBD Isolate powder (99%) can be seen as the most versatile way to consume CBD. It can be added to recipes and drinks of all kinds. Most edibles you see in the market uses CBD Isolate powder for their products. A negative for CBD tinctures is that certain people don't like the taste, so Iso powder is a great way to take advantage of CBD while enjoying the taste and being creative with your recipes!

However, the negatives for Isolate powder is that it takes time to get into your system as your liver has to process it before you can feel the effects. This can take up to 30-60 minutes. Because of this delay, it's difficult to be able to test what dosage you will need to feel the benefits of CBD.

Another way to consume CBD isolate powder is Isolate Gel Capsules. CBD Gel caps have gained popularity recently! A common usage is taking an hour before sleep to help you get a full night's rest. This is pure CBD Iso Powder packed into gel caps for easy ingestible CBD consumption.

CBD edibles primarily use Iso Powder to infuse their products! Everything from drinks to cupcakes! Usually Isolate powder is infused with oil (Coconut oil is the most common) in cooking with CBD products to limit the taste.

Popular recipes that uses this method are smoothies, pasta sauces and any dessert that you can imagine that needs oil/fat.

A popular method for infusing CBD oil is called the double boil method:

1-2 teaspoons of oil for every gram of CBD isolate powder

CBD Isolate powder is just another way to enjoy the benefits of CBD! The days of having to only being able to smoke/inhale hemp are over. Enjoy the freedom of being able to experiment with CBD!

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