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How to CBD: Tinctures

Getting into CBD can be quite overwhelming to those who are not familiar with it. How does it get into your system? Can it only be smoked? Are they in edible form? Can I add it to drinks? This "How To" series is meant to teach you all about how CBD can be taken. Up first is the most popular and quickest method: Tinctures!

Tinctures are pure CBD oil and is dropped directly underneath your tongue. It's the quickest way to get CBD into your system as it is goes straight into your blood stream with this method. The benefits to this method are: Instant relief. You'll feel the effects immediately. If you ingest or inhale CBD it will take up to an hour to feel the effects.

A difficult question to answer is how much do I need and what dosage? The answer will depend on each person's tolerance for CBD and Hemp Products.

Our most popular Tincture, the 500 mg, is the best place to start as you can adjust your dosage according to how you feel without feeling too much of the effects as well as not have to take a lot of the oil, as a negative for tinctures is that some don't like the taste of CBD Oil. Luckily we have flavored tinctures!

Try all the various ways in which to use CBD and find which is the best for you! They all have their pros and cons, learn all about the pros and cons in this blog series!

Next up in the "How to CBD" series: Isolate Powder

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