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CBD Tinctures 101

CBD can be enjoyed in many ways: Tinctures, Hemp flowers, prerolls, capsules, etc. Today we will be discussing the most popular, easiest, and fastest ways to take CBD: Tinctures/ CBD Oil. If you're not familar, CBD Tinctures are taken by dropping a few drops under your tongue and left there for about 30 seconds. Research shows that this is the most effective way to take CBD as it's liquid is very potent and deliveries the cannabinoids the most consistently into your bloodstream.

Tinctures can also be put into food and drinks if you don't like the taste of the oil. Since our CBD tinctures are MCT oil based and not alcohol based, they can be infused into many recipes. Our blog has numerous recipes! Check out our recipe on CBD Tea HERE.

The tricky thing about taking tinctures is knowing what your proper dosage is. While research supports that you can't overdose from CBD, you ma feel a bit more relaxed and sedated if you over do it. So we recommend starting with a low dosage Our 200 mg tincture is a great option -if you're not familiar with CBD at all, but our 1500 mg is our most popular dosage.

We have Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate Tinctures. The difference being that Full Spectrum has all the cannibinoids including 0.3% amount THC. All of them these cannibinoids work together to produce a more potent effect while CBD Isolate contains only CBD which is good for those who just want a strong dosage of CBD and zero THC. Also, if you are an avid cannabis user- the isolate tincture may be a great option since many cannabis strains contain lower amounts of CBD.

This is why our tinctures come with droppers, so you can take carefully measured quantities. Remember: the lower the dosage, the more oil you will need. While the 1500 mg Full Spec is more expensive, you'll require less oil and may last longer than a 200 mg Tincture.

CBD has been widley recognized for its potential benefits. We have various flavors if you don't like the taste of pure CBD oil. Make sure to experiment on flavors and dosage!

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