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Post workout CBD

Recently I told a friend I'd join him for a half marathon in Pasadena in January. I used to run Halves all the time but fell out of love with running after running a half marathon in Manila 2 years ago. The air quality there is so bad that after the 2 hours it took to complete, my gray hat turned black. Now that I'm back in LA I started to get back into it and decided it's time to get back into races. However, I wasn't looking forward to the soreness from the running mileage per week for training.

Enter a proper stretching and post workout protocol of proper stretching and CBD. In my recent experiments with CBD I found that it helps a lot with muscle recovery. When you workout, there is microscopic damage to muscle fibers. The muscled become inflamed and the body responds by repairing the damage thus causing soreness and stiffness. Because CBD works wonders for inflammation, I find it a great medicine to help me recover and relax. When training for a half, you have to run about 3 miles a day, 10 miles on your long days. So recovery is very important when training for a race. CBD recovery is my new favorite thing next to the runner's high.

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