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  • What exactly are Terpenes?
    Terepenes are organic hydrocarbon compounds that are found in plants that give them their smell and taste! Flavors like pine, citrus, berry and mint.
  • What required the Prop 65 warning?
    The primary terpene, Myercene, has been known to meet the criteria to cause cancer. However, it is a naturally occuring substance that is found in flagrant plants and herbs such as: mangoes, hops, thyme, lemongrass and basil. Studies show that myercene is theraputic and that in small doses it aids as a sedative and muscle relaxant. Like most things, moderation is key. So we stress using our products in small doses and recommend to only dilute their products .5 - 13% of total volume.
  • How do I use Terp Science Labs' Terpenes?
    Because Terepenes are so potent it must first be diluted 1 - 10% of total volume first!! Just a few drops is all you need to get all the benefits of our Terpenes.
  • What are common ways Terpenes are used?
    Here are popular ways you can use our Terpenes? Using an Aromatic Diffuser - Just like Essential Oils, add 2-3 drops into your favorite diffuser added to food and beverages and enhancing the taste and smell of all your products!
  • Do Terpenes have any benefits?
    Yes! Studies have shown that Terpenes have soothing effects on your body. Terpenes have what is called "the entourage effect". This means it reacts well with differenct compounds found in Canabis. In fact, certain terpenes are shown to have therapeutic properties such as: alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces stress and anxiety, increase cognative functioning, treats gastric reflux and ulcers, inhibits cancer cell growth and reduces risk of heart disease.
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